Saturday, April 6, 2013


We've had some beautiful, warm spring days and last weekend I resisted the urge to plant all my little wildflower seeds over in the Shed garden and all my little seeds are thanking me... a lot!  The warm sun is gone, the rain is back along with wind and you'd think it was November in Western Washington, not early April.  Had I planted the seeds, they'd be soggy and cold so I'm glad I decided to wait a bit longer. 

Funny thing about seeds.  Until the last few years, I hadn't really noticed how much is said about seeds in the Bible but it's a really common theme.  The bad weather this week reminded me about the teaching of Jesus about seeds, soil, rocks and brambles (which I can also relate to, we have big, wild blackberry vines all over) and I'm going to apply his wisdom and wait for the ground to improve before sticking all those little seeds into it.  My husband has already taken the stones out, pulled the weeds and prepared the soil... we just need sun to warm the ground.  The ground is ready but am I correct in applying his teaching to such a 'natural' thing as waiting to plant my seeds?

Now, it may seem to some that when Jesus taught about sowing seeds, he was making a point about 'spiritual' aspects of our lives rather than the physical, natural or as some say, the 'real' world but Jesus didn't separate the two like we do.  Modern folks have tried for over two hundred years since the Enlightenment Movement to separate the spiritual from the physical and as I look around the western world where these teaching dominated, I'd say it hasn't worked.  It's time to live in the oneness of the Spirit and the natural.  As designed.
My rock garden, waiting for warmer days... only rocks seem to increase in this weather.

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